Learn how we help restaurants, farmers, families, and businesess reduce growing costs while maximizing yields using our modern Shipping Container "Micro" Farms.
Grow Pod is a modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing environment perfect for business owners looking to produce luxury super foods in any location.

 We know just how much time, money, and effort required to produce consistent, clean, high quality produce. That's why we've helped hundreds design Grow Pods specific to them. Made by farmers, for farmers and entrepreneurs.

We offer a fully insulated, food-grade shipping container with flexible financing that has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates. 
With our combination of hydroponic and certified organic soil systems; you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster while consistent in keeping the horticulture contamination free.
We Commonly Work With...
Restaurant Owners
We have served hundreds of luxury and organic restaurants helping them grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables.
Schools & Universities
We help agricultural programs at schools and universities provide a stable environment for food production and research. 
Hotels & Casinos

Hotels and casinos around the world can now provide their guests with locally sourced, fresh organic produce that they manage and control.
Urban & City Farmers
Urban farming communities love our low impact units that protect their produce and the ability to control soil contaminants and water availability,
How Much Could You Save? 
  •   We can show you how much you could save on your grow operations.
  •   Create your own scalable indoor farm, no matter the scale, using climate-controlled, agricultural Grow Pods.
  •   Grow year round with an average of 8 higher yield crop cycles, anywhere in the world.
  •   An automated climate controlled environment provides for efficient power and water usage.
  •   Protection from bacteria, eliminating pesticide use produces healthier, tastier high-quality organic produce.
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Benefits of Our Grow Containers
  •  “Plug-and-play” and scalable, so as demand rises, adding additional pods is easily accomplished.
  •  Certified clean environment, food is grown to its fullest potential, resulting in produce that is contaminant-free, nutritious and delicious
  •  Doing your part by reducing your carbon footprint while reducing operating costs.
  •  Flexible &  Competitive Financing
Full Control & Automation

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Help Feed
Earth's Growing Population
Grow Pod works directly with the world's leading non-profit food organizations helping resource strained communities take control of their food production with our modular, scalable, transportable, indoor “micro-farms".

The system utilizes both hydroponics and soil-based platforms along with proprietary air and water filtration, to create the perfect environment for growing food virtually anywhere, in any season or climate. 
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