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Grow The Highest Quality Medical Flowers Anywhere with Micro Lab Farms' Climate Automated Container Farms
Micro Lab Farms is the fastest and most efficient way to launch or expand your operation. We provide a Plug & Grow solution that streamlines the start-up process and begins generating revenue in as little time as possible. The Micro Lab Farms system is designed and engineered for easy operation, allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing.

We offer a fully insulated, shipping container has been specifically modified to provide the optimum controlled environment for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates. 
Remote Management
Our remote monitoring app provides real-time data of all the key components of the farm: air, water, humidity, nutrients, and plant growth.
24/7 Security
There is no greater security for your crops than a locked steel container. If you ever have to move, your Micro Lab Farm can move with you.
Year Around Grows
No matter where you are, the controlled environment of a Micro Lab Farm allows for year round growing.
Turn Key Start
Avoid headaches and delays that come with a conventional build-out. et us install a Micro Lab Farm so you can focus on cultivation, not construction!
Farming is Now Plug and Play
  • ​ Grow year-round with an average of 8 higher yield crop cycles, anywhere in the world.
  • ​ Create your own scalable indoor farm, no matter the scale, using climate-controlled, agricultural Micro Lab Farm pods.
  • ​Maximizes space for resin production and creates a highly efficient growing environment by stacking rows of your plants. 
  • ​ An automated climate-controlled environment provides for efficient power and water usage.
  • ​ Protection from bacteria, eliminating pesticide use produces healthier, tastier high-quality product.
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Benefits of Our Grow Containers
  • “Plug-and-play” and scalable, so as demand rises, adding additional pods is easily accomplished.
  • ​Certified clean environment, flowers are grown to their fullest potential, resulting in product that is contaminant-free, nutritious and delicious
  •  Ready to Go Science Based Soil Kits
  • Doing your part by reducing your carbon footprint while reducing operating costs.
  •  Flexible & Competitive Financing 
Trusted by The Industry's
Top Growers
The system utilizes both hydroponics and soil-based platforms along with proprietary air and water filtration, to create the perfect environment for growing buds virtually anywhere, in any season or climate. 
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